Subtle Shifts Can Be Huge

There are many things in life that influence us as seekers—especially artists. As a trained observer you would think that surprise and serendipity would be commonplace in the studio, but sometimes these observations can affect you in ways that alter meaning and purpose. 

The longer I am on the creative path—the more I realize that subtle shifts become huge influences in my work. The current shift started as a rudimentary exercise in cutout sketches. I was needing something more from the "feeling" of the Pods in my Erosion Series and started playing with marbled papers. Seeing the swirling patterns, colors and metallics in the papers gave me the impression of both micro and macro cells that imply a narrative of the life cycle—the very core of the Erosion Series. This lead me to believe that I could create this effect within the painted pods and shift the work in a subtle but profound way.

I have long felt that something was missing from my Pod paintings—the illusion of a strong life pattern bursting with energy and vitality. This new direction has given me a vision of what the potential of my Erosion Series can become.